Z-Health Activate Your Body

Movement is the currency of life - when we lose our ability to move, our quality of life rapidly deminishes, regardless of our age.

This is designed as a 12 week program (12 lessons) along with 40 mobility drill lessons to get you started on the discovery process of improving your movement!

Special bonus videos are included on your feet, improving your vision and improving your balance.

The program is still evolving and improving - all future enhancements to the program are included in your purchase price and you have lifetime access to the program. You can stop, start and replay any lesson as many times has you wish.

In addition Forest is adding several short lessons every week (5 minutes) that will support and encourgage you in finding new and fun ways to play with movement, to master your basic drills and to move into more advanced movement skills!

A 75 page course manual is also included.



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